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Welcome to Smitty's website.   Even though I'm no longer in the "Moped Business", I still enjoy riding, repairing, and "souping-up" Mopeds (when I have time). 
To some, Mopeds are a novelty, to others, they're actually a way of life, even a passion if you will.   I believe I fit somewhere in between.
I began repairing and riding Mopeds in the early 80's.  I had no idea at the time that Mopeds could be so cool, and that later in my life I would become almost addicted to them.  I opened my first little Moped Repair shop in about 1990, called "Smitty's Mini Machines Repair Shop".  I spent my tax return on a Moped parts lot from an estate of an elderly gentleman's automotive shop, when he passed away.   I visited the corner of the gentleman's huge automotive shop frequently, watching, helping and learning about Mopeds.   I found out the old guy had died when I went to the shop after repeated calls with no answer, to inquire about tires and cables that he'd ordered for me.
I made a ridiculously silly bid on the Moped parts lot (which his widow basically just wanted rid of), and she took it!   So for about $545 I bought several thousand dollars worth of Moped parts inventory.   Needless to say, at the time, I literally had Moped parts everywhere ... in my living room, bedroom, and even under my bathroom sink, stacked in corners, under the kitchen table ... literally everywhere, LOL!
So began my very first Moped Repair Shop.
I've always seemed to have a knack with small engines.   I have quite literally built engines for everything from weed-trimmers, to bulldozers.   Yep, I've been a "grease monkey" pretty much most of my life I guess you could say.
As has happened a few times along the way, I have given up a few Moped Shops, most of the time due to frustrations and disagreements with my ex-wife, who constantly insisted that my Mopeds were more important to me than she was.   Looking back now, and (to be honest) with good reasons, I guess she was right.
Like any other bad thing in life, thankfully that (the marriage) didn't last forever.
Fast-forwarding through the years (wow, where did they go?) to the present, I have been remarried (very happily I might add) for about 9 years now, have two wonderful children, a fantastic wife, and still have the Moped "bug".   I currently have about a dozen Moped projects left-over from my last Moped Shop, "SmC mopeds and Customs", and am now more than ever enjoying working on my own Mopeds more than I ever have.   I never seemed to have the time I wanted or needed to work on my own bikes much, while trying to keep up with working on everyone Else's.
These days I am an Agent Facilitator with an awesome company, helping approximately 250 Independent Contractors, and working with some of the most awesome people that I have ever worked with.   I work from the comforts of my home office, and although just like any other office job it can get a little stressful at times, I still enjoy what I am doing very much.
Now I am able to relax when I work on Mopeds again, without the competition of the market, other shops, etc.   It really feels good to me not to have to work on Mopeds "for the money" anymore.
OK, enough about me, enjoy the website, and be sure to check back often, as I plan to add lots more helpful tips and tricks, pics, videos, etc.

Gorgeous Grainger County, Tennessee Moped Ride 8/04/2007

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

This was a fantastic Moped Ride.   Everyone who attended really enjoyed the day of riding Mopeds with friends.   I believe the total mileage for the entire Ride was 112 miles.  
Video by Tab:


We are also proud Members and  Master Regional Riders of

The Moped Riders Association!

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