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Break-in procedure:
One of the first most important things that You can do to ensure the long life of your engine is to follow a proven Break-in procedure !!! I’ve built literally hundreds of engines of all types, and I do have specific break-in routines that I follow.

BEFORE cranking the engine:
Ensure that all wires, connectors, cables, hoses, filters, etc. are all correctly installed and connected.
Add transmission fluid to the engine, until the fluid drips back out of the “weep-hole” or fill hole in the side of the transmission cover.
Fill clean fuel tank with 32:1 premix, using petroleum based 2-cycle oil (I do not use synthetic oil for break-in).
Cranking your engine for the first time:
1.) Turn all switches to the “run” position.
2.) Turn fuel valve to fuel tank “on”.
3.) Pedal or kick-start your engine, with Moped on its center stand.
4.) When engine starts, give enough throttle to keep engine running, but not enough to deactivate the choke.
5.) Run engine for about one minute, with choke on, just above normal idle.
6.) Shut-off engine, and allow to cool completely back down.
7.) Once engine has completely cooled, crank again. This time, warm engine until it idles without the choke. Let engine IDLE, just long enough for it to get warm, no longer than 5 minutes.  Do not allow engine to idle long enough to get hot!
8.) Check engine for any leaks, and check all nuts, bolts, and fasteners.
9.) I normally repeat steps 7 & 8 several times, before the first ride.
The first Ride:
Check-over the entire Moped. Ensure that all lights, cables, brakes, etc. are all working properly. Also check tire pressure, and inflate to proper psi, per tire.
Warm bike on center stand, until engine idles on its own, without choke, and engine begins to warm.
Try not to labor or lug the engine, but do not hold throttle wide-open. I suggest throttle at most.
Ride the moped around the block, staying close to home (just in case). Listen for any strange noises, or abnormal running conditions. After the initial first ride, and everything is as it should be, I recommend keeping the Moped at less than throttle, and under 30mph, for the first 100 miles, or full tank of premix.
Ride the Moped varying the throttle position, from near WOT, back down, running the Moped 20mph, to 30mph, and back and forth between these speeds. I do this for the entire first tank of fuel.
300 miles of “Break-in”:
For the first 300-500 miles, you should use a 32:1 (or 4oz of oil, to one gallon of gasoline) premix. This should be 3 full tanks of fuel. If your engine has been “kitted”, I suggest 40:1 premix ratio from tank of fuel #4, and after. Do not ride at WOT for extended periods of time. If you plan to use synthetic 2-stroke oil, now is the time to change to the type that you plan to use.
Be sure to have extra new spark plugs. Running a richer premix, you will most likely foul spark plugs. Spark plugs are much cheaper to replace than your engine !!! Do NOT use a hotter spark plug than is recommended !!!
Typical recommended spark plugs are: NGK-B7HS, Champion-L82C, Bosch-W8AC, etc.

After break-in, you may mix your premix fuel at 40:1, or 3oz of oil to one gallon of gasoline, and may also switch to synthetic . ALWAYS run engine with a clean air filter. Keep Moped and engine clean, and keep check for any leaks, and remedy promptly if any are found. Allow Moped engine to “warm-up” before riding.
“Ride like you’re invisible”, be careful and safe … and have FUN !!!