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SmCmopeds Club President - Smitty

"Light it up ... burn it out  ;^)"

Powered by Smitty - "One Trick Pony" Puch Maxi N Moped

Moped Engines - Powered By Smitty

Powered by Smitty - Tomos A35, 70cc Airsal Racing Moped Engine

Powered by Smitty - Polini Puch E50 moped

Powered by Smitty - Autisa65ccSachs505D Moped engine Build

Arrow Expansion Chamber (click here).

MRA's Moped Radar Runs at Ike's Big Ride 08/05/'06

Smitty's Moped, radar verified @ 58mph !!!

Powered By Smitty-70cc Malossi Vespa Grande Moped

Powered by Smitty-Autisa 65cc Sachs 505D Moped

Powered by Smitty-Simple "Plug-chop" for moped

Powered by Smitty - Athena 70cc Puch E50

Powered by Smitty - Mikuni Moped Carburetor

Hope you enjoyed the videos!