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Click on this picture to view pics of the Bike.
In Loving Memory of Paul Puccio
July 16th of 1968 to July 16th of 2005

Thank you for your generous support.  May God bless you.  Laura and Emma Puccio.

Paul Puccio's daughter Emma drew the winning raffle ticket for the Puch80 custom-built Puch Magnum, at the Grainger county Tennessee Moped Ride on August 4th, 2007. The Winner was Jeff Grilliot (tomos03) ... CONGRATS' Jeff!!!


This picture was taken in May 2005, at Georgetown Hospital, when he was still able to sit up and smile. His daughter, Emma Rose, is almost 6 years old. She loves her Daddy so much, that she wants God to "make him all better" again. 


I received a letter from Laura with some forms and this picture. The quote above is taken from her letter. Thanks Laura, you and Emma are in our prayers. Along with all of the family and friends. MAY GOD BLESS AND BE WITH YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED !!

Mrs. Smitty & Smitty 


The top photo is a recent picture of Paul at the hospital, taken in April. The bottom photo is Paul and his wife, Laura. This was taken on Easter Sunday, shortly before he went into the hospital. 

For even more information along the way through this tragic loss, and the project that is being undertaken, please check out the following links:

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Please visit the "Puch80 build Project" page for details of the Moped being built,
In Loving Memory of Paul Puccio.