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Please check this page often, as it contains recent news and updates about us.

As gas prices are ever still on the rise, more and more people are turning to Mopeds as their alternative means of making short errand trips to the store, to work, etc., and using gas-guzzling vehicles less.   While traditional Mopeds are quite possibly becoming harder to find, those of us who have held on to a few for our own personal collection are really glad we did.
Will the Moped make a come-back in our society?   One can only hope!   When a typical Moped gets an average of about 90 mpg, which doubles even some of the most fuel efficient cars now in production, in my opinion, a Moped is the way to go.
Some argue that the fuel savings of a Moped is still not enough to "pay for itself" effectively, I partially disagree.   While spending $1,000 - $1,500 (or more) to purchase a new Moped may take quite a while to justify, fuel savings wise. Replacing the Family car, SUV, truck, etc., with a Moped wouldn't be practical of course, however, when some of us can ride a Moped all day, on the same amount of gas that it takes to even crank another vehicle and pull it out of the driveway, the savings and practicality takes on a new perspective.
My wife and I are now fortunate enough to work from our home-offices, so commuting to and from work is now a thing of the past for us.  We are very pleased with the amount of gas and travel time that it now takes us to get to and from work, which is 0 !    In addition to saving gas, travel time, wear and tear on a car, etc., we also save on the need for work clothes, lunch money, and other costs associated with working outside of the home.   We also now enjoy much more time with our children and each other as well.
Now our Moped plan includes refurbishing the dozen or so Mopeds that we have collected, including at least one trike, and using the Moped for a good portion of our local traveling and errands.   I have plans of building a couple of pull-behind trailers, to be hauled behind the trike and Mopeds, for those quick grocery store runs, and other short trips such as the hardware store.
As I am now getting back into my Moped hobby again, we will also be updating this website more often, with pictures and videos of our Moped collection, our custom builds, and maybe even a few how-to sections as well.
Have you ridden your Moped today?

My newest addition to this website: Our newest "passion" ;^) click HERE

Although I am no longer in the Moped "business", I am still an avid Moped enthusiast and hobbyist.   I'm currently not taking in any repair work, parts orders, or engine building for others, primarily because I do not have the time due to my new employment and career.
Currently I can't even find the time to work on my own Mopeds, much less perform work for others.   I apologize for this, but also ask for and appreciate your understanding.

This is now my "hobby" site.   Mopeds are now more of a hobby to me than a business or job.   I hope that you will still enjoy my website, and continue to check back offten, as I will still continue to maintain and update this site.
Also, we have taken different employment avenues, and some we'd like to share with You.   Be sure to check out our "Work At Home" page of this site before you leave.