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The Engine:

SmC-Racing 70cc Puch E50 "Powered by Smitty"


70cc Athena, 2-ring, reed valve "kit", high-compression 70cc cylinder head, Competition 'stuffed' crankshaft, SmC-Racing SE Mikuni carb, Proma Circuit expansion chamber exhaust. 3-shoe clutch.

Separating the Best from the rest:

Crankcase port-matched, and greatly enhanced, transfer ports polished, redirected (for optimal flow) and roughened in certain locations. Intake manifold cleaned-up, volume increased, roughened, and enhanced. Piston window smoothed.  Exhaust port polished. Special Edition Mikuni carb, bored, funneled, and polished. All brand-new, high quality bearings, seals and gaskets. Crankcase sealed with Yamabond (allowed to cure before assembly). Crankshaft rotated while tightening cylinder head, to ensure proper and smooth piston centering in cylinder bore. Top-end lubricated with Duralube after assembly and before cranking.

Even I have to admit that the Athena “kit” for Puch was somewhat of a challenge. Lots of details had to be taken care of, such as casting flashing in the piston window, the intake manifold took lots of time and work to increase its volume and direction, and the engine case transfer ports took a great deal of time and work to get to match and flow to my satisfaction. I also spent a lot of time reworking a Mikuni carburetor to my satisfaction, to be used on this engine.

I do not recommend the Athena 70cc reed valve kit as a “bolt-on” !!! There were several areas that really needed to be cleaned-up, and evened out, before I could even begin my port-work. The transfer ports in the crankcase (along with the base gasket) desperately need to be matched to the base of the cylinder as well.

A lot of money, time, and work was put into this engine, but I feel really confident that she’ll be the beast I’ve been wanting to build … hehehe ;^)

UPDATE 5/24/06:

I've found the 64cc Polini's competition here folks!   This monster screams like a demon.   It sounds like the combination of an over-grown chainsaw on steroids and a fist full of pissed-off bees in a tin can.   Plenty of power, and it just keeps climbing.  I wish I knew where a dyno was I could hook this 'ped to!!!

Presently, to ride it on the street, I have it geared at 16t/40t, and could still to go on up some more!   To find out what the top-speed on it is, I plan to run 18t/36t, and then do a radar-run.

This ain't your GranDad's Moped!!!  This one's "Powered by Smitty"!

On August 5, 2006:
I won the MRA's Fastest Moped of the Year trophy, with this engine, set-up to (and did) complete a 90+ Moped Ride, and then radared speed runs clocked me @55 mph !!!   I ran this 'ped against other "kitted" Tomos 'peds, and even clocked a higher top-speed than a 150cc Scooter did !!!  I out-accelerated the Kitted Tomos Mopeds, as well as clocked 5+ mph faster, with a shorter starting distance!!!   All of this geared at 16t/36t


2006 MRA's Fastest Moped of the Year !
Completed 90 mile Moped Ride, then radared @ 55 mph!!!

This is what I built this engine for.   I wanted to build an engine from what I theorized to be the best parts that I could afford to build a powerful and fast Puch 1-speed E50 engine to my satisfaction.   I am happy and proud to announce that I did in fact accomplish just that.   I wanted to build an engine capable of running with the pack on a Moped Ride, as well as be the fastest out of the group.  Since I normally volunteer to be the "Sweeper" on our Moped Rides, I need a 'ped that is capable of dropping to the very rear of the group, and then running past the entire line to the very front, and back and forth again. 
It was only fitting that since I've broken 50mph on different Mopeds repeatedly, that I set my goal higher, to 55+mph ... and again, this engine reached that goal as well.
Learning from everyone who's sent me their combinations of parts to build their engines, as well as researching what others are building, and going with what I have learned works best over-all, I'm back and better than ever at building insane Moped Engines  ;^)