Mrs. Smitty's Pink Project

Just one more way to say "Find A Cure"

"Racing for the cure!"
General Cancer Awareness
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The 'ped we're starting with...
Why is it we always start these projects with rat-bikes?

This moped is a 1977 Puch Maxi Rigid, it currently has a stock Puch E50 in it and needs a whole lot of TLC.  The first objective for this moped is to take all the parts off the frame and treat the tank.  After that it will be sandblasted along with the forks and prepped for primer. 
As this projects unfolds I will be posting pics every step of the way.  The primer and pink paint has already been purchased for this project.  So STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES !!! 

The color scheme for this project is going to be pink and purple which are the two colors for the cancer association.  As everyone knows both of our Moms have had serious battles with cancer. Also there are other members in our families that have been touched with one kind of cancer or another.  I am sure if you look around you as I have done myself .... you will be absolutely breath taken by the people you know that either have, or knows someone who has, battled some type of cancer.  As with anyone else all of us at one time or another said "this won't happen to me or someone I know, how could it?"  But it does, everyday, and that is why this 'ped is so important to me.  It is my way of saying I care and support finding a cure for cancer, along with donations that we make to the local charity fund raisers.  It is something that I can do and be proud of and let people know cancer does exist and you have to support each other to make it through it.  I don't think it could be said in a better way, because the moped community supports each other and helps each other out.  
Mrs. Smitty

Breast Cancer
Ovarian & Cervical Cancer
Child Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Brain Cancer